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Apply for Hanken Entrepreneurship Society Board Member 2015

Are you entrepreneurially minded? Do you want to meet inspiring people, make an impact and join the mission of developing a true entrepreneurial community in Finland? If this sounds interesting to you, do not waste the opportunity to apply now to become a Hankenes Board Member 2015! Hanken Entrepreneurship Society is a student run community with the goal of making Hanken the most entrepreneurial university in Finland. We bring seasoned entrepreneurs to Hanken, organize trips abroad and create a community of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurially minded. Hankenes is the largest and most active organization at Hanken School of Economics. Hanken Entrepreneurship Society is now looking for driven, hard-working and idea-rich people for the Hankenes 2015 board. As a board member, … Read more


Hankenes new president 2015 is Gustaf Borenius!

  Gustaf, tell us why you wanted to be the next Hankenes president? I feel highly motivated to continue with the organization’s previous amazing work. Hankenes has presented me with many wonderful experiences and I want to make sure others get the same opportunity. The increase responsibility will naturally be a challenge, but I see it as an opportunity to expand the society even further and at the same time grow and learn as an individual. You have been very visible during this fall and organized a lot of practical arrangements. How do you cope with the responsibility? I would not say that I have taken that much responsibility, but the thing I try to do in order to get … Read more


Startup Sisters October

Ladies and gentlemen, listen up! The startup sisters are back with an event that will inspire, motivate and network you into the fabulous world of female entrepreneurship. As our speakers we proudly present: Marta Jaakkola, Laura Nyyssölä, Sara Nyyssölä, Régis Frias / Remarket Minna Lukander / Talli Architecture and design Mikaela Nyström / 4L .com Oy  Presenting their mentorship program for startups founded by women: Johanna Winqvist-Ilkka: Audit Partner Helsinki / EY & Eeva-Liisa Heinaro: Sales Director UPM Finland & Chairman / Gaia Network Association  We want to thank the sponsors of Startup Sisters for making our event even better: Fazer – Granit – Hartwall – Jurlique – L’oreal – Trendi Save the date, grab your friends and join the … Read more


HankenES goes GIYC, Australia – Innovations and Pitching

Hey, did you think we were already done with Aussie posts? Well, not quite yet!   By this time, we had already spent several days in Brisbane and learned about the Lean Canvas and Validation Board models. Thus, next in line was a couple more company visits; Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) followed by startup incubator and co-working space River City Labs. On Wednesday morning, we walked to MIC, located in a beautiful and high building. Needless to say, the interior of the MIC office space was at least as impressive. We started off with a keynote speak on innovations and the elements of developing that idea further, by Tim Kastelle. He went through the journey of the startup, starting from … Read more


HankenES goes GIYC, Australia – It all started from an idea

Most enterprise starts with an idea. The idea can hit you as lightning from the sky, be a tidal wave that flows over you, leaving you grasping for air with your life utterly transformed. Most of the time however, this is not the case. Most ideas start as small seeds, so weak and undeveloped that they have a hard time to survive until lunchtime. What sets (successful) enterprises apart is the ability to continuously find new ideas and cultivate them into blossoming in hostile environments with scarce resources. This is no news however and most conferences focused on entrepreneurship and innovation have at least one keynote dedicated to the “art” of idea generation and refinement. GIYC took another approach. Assigning … Read more


HankenES goes Global Innovative Youth Conference, Australia – The first day!

On Monday June 30th, we all had an early wake up call. It was time for breakfast, followed by some company visits around the city. We had breakfast every morning at the YHA Hostel. They served toast with peanut butter and jelly, different types of cereal, juices, coffee and tea. I think it was a nice way to get the days started. The first company visit was either Di Bella Coffee, Australia ́s fastest growing coffee company or QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA), Australia’s only dedicated creative industries incubator. We all chose to see Creative Enterprises Australia, since they hosted a gaming session for us with representatives from Halfbrick Studios and Defiant Development. For those of you who didnt know; … Read more


HankenES goes to Global Innovative Youth Conference – The beginning of a journey to Australia and back!

  On Thursday June 26th, Peter Hänninen, Johan Kairemo and I (the delegates from HankenES) met at Helsinki Airport around 5 pm. This was where it all began. Our first transfer was in Berlin, where we had just enough time to enjoy a couple beers and watch Germany’s World Cup game with the natives. The feeling was purely magical, and this was definitely a great start to the trip. From Berlin, we flew to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Thus far, we had travelled ca 15 hours and were already feeling a bit exhausted while still really excited. Still, we had more than half to go with our next stop being in Singapore. The transfer at Singapore was … Read more


Arctic15: Exit Path

Hanken Entrepreneurship Society at Arctic15 – A summary by Rasmus Sinnemaa During the spring, HankenES has done significant cooperation with ArcticStartup, the organization behind the startup conference Arctic15 that was held on May 27-28th. Thus, it was natural that we would be cooperating with them to make this spring’s biggest Nordic startup conference a great success. And so it was. At Telakka, on the event site, the focus was clearly placed primarily on the value creation for both startups and investors. Although the conference was in size significantly smaller (compared to e.g. Slush), the quality of meetups between startups and investors was praised. The Dealroom, where all the Speed Dating and Match Making sessions took place, recorded over 1000 unique … Read more


Be Visionary – US Embassy Grand Opening

HankenES got invited to the US Embassy – Grand Opening! This is a short but incredibly sweet summary by Max Hasselblatt. The date was 30th of April and the theme of the day was wappu. We were all ready to go celebrate this big student related national festivity but knew we had something very cool to start the day with, the grand opening of the new building at the US Embassy in Helsinki! The event kicked off with speeches from high profile speakers such as Alexander Stubb and of course the ambassador himself, Bruce ‘almighty’ Oreck. Alex began by mentioning the good relationship his family has with Oreck’s and pointed out that his children love babysitting the Oreck’s family dog since they … Read more


Startup Weekend Helsinki: Sustainability & Bioeconomy

Hey pitchers! If you get in a good flow at our pitching this week, why not continue the festivities all the way through the weekend! Spreading the word of Startup Weekend Helsinki:     Have you ever dreamed of turning our planet into a nicer and more sustainable place to live in? Now you have a great chance to make it happen! Come, pitch your idea, form a team and make a change! Startup Weekend Helsinki: Sustainability & Bioeconomy is an event where multidisciplinary teams openly co-develop business ideas and solutions for products and services of the future sustainability & bioeconomy fields. Participants can pitch their own ideas or take one of the business/technology challenges provided by companies and develop … Read more


The HankenEs board of 2013 is inaugurated!

Once again it is time to kickstart the activities of HankenEs for the year 2013! To begin with, we want to introduce and present the different individuals and roles within the new board, and highlight a few goals that we have set for the forthcoming year.   As before, our key mission is to make entrepreneurial endeavors a core activity within the students of Hanken. In a nutshell, we aim to provide the tools and contacts needed to realize an idea into reality.   In essence, we are here to help.   The following will provide short insights into who “we” are, and encourage all of you to partake in this omnipresent movement.   Kim Lehmusvuori / Chairman of the … Read more


Event Recap: Student fair & Kick-off

Last thursday (7.2.2013) HankenEs participated in the student organization fair, and held the Kick-off event of 2013 at Legenda (downstairs bar at Casa). Needless to say, both events were a success and very much fun. At the kårmässan (student organisation fair) we organized an Angry Birds competition, where competitors fought fiercely to beat the score high-score. We had a lot of participants, and eventually the top three scores were in a 500 point margin, so it became very tight. The happy winner was Emil Jansson, who won two tickets to the theater named Kungen, a satirical play shown at “Lilla Teatern”. We naturally invited all participants to join the Kick-off later on, where small snacks & drinks were served. The kick-off itself was from … Read more


New blog feature: Entrepreneur profiles. First up: Niklas Schröder of M+C

This week we will be kicking off a new feature on our blog: Entrepreneur profiles. In essence, we will publish a short profile on interesting entrepreneurs weekly (always coming out on thursdays), with a few relevant questions in regard to their career choice. First up is a good friend of ours, Niklas Schröder, who has co-founded Milk + Chocolate, which delivers world class web designs and layouts. Their previous clients have included Hackmann, Lundia, and Kanniston Leipomo. They have also designed the HankenEs visual identity and webpage. Without further ado, here is our first entrepreneur profile: Niklas Schröder, co-founder of Milk + Chocolate. Tell us a bit about Milk+Chocolate Milk+Chocolate is a digital agency delivering world class digital experiences to … Read more


Second entrepreneur profile: Joel Löv from Breakit

It’s Thursday again, so here is our weekly entrepreneur profile. This week we have one of Hanken’s own entrepreneurs, Joel Löv, who has co-founded the Breakit app. Originally they partook in the latest “summer of startups”, the startup accelerator program organized at Aaltoes, which ended up being very useful for the team behind Breakit. The app has been up and running at the iOS app store for about a week, and we at HankenEs are excited about the future of this cool app. You can get the app here. Our second entrepreneur profile: Joel Löv from Breakit, photographed at the Startup Sauna in Otaniemi: How did you end up co-founding the Breakit app? Was developing an app something that you’ve … Read more


Entrepreneur profile: Micke Paqvalén from Kiosked

It’s time for our next entrepreneur profile! This time we have Micke Paqvalen from Kiosked, which is a truly exciting startup dealing with e-commerce. The profile follows: Tell us a bit about Kiosked Kiosked is a leading platform enabling Smart Content™. Kiosked turns any online content, images, videos and applications into interactive and viral storefronts. It is beneficial for consumers, brands and publishers alike. Kiosked enables brands to turn their content into storefronts and engage directly with their fans everywhere. Publishers can monetize the impulses they generate through Kiosked content as they get a 50% revenue share. Kiosked makes it fun and rewarding for consumers to discover and share any online content. Through kiosks anyone can buy, want and get … Read more


Entrepreneur profile: Kenneth Salonius from Framgo

It’s thursday again, so here is our weekly entrepreneur profile. This time, we’ve got Kenneth Salonius from Framgo, which is an exciting startup revolving around the idea of simply, yet efficiently, improving one’s health with the help of an app. Kenneth actually just won the Anders Wall stipendium yesterday, so it’s quite a relevant post in numerous ways. Without further ado, the quick questionnaire from Kenneth: Kenneth Salonius and Riku Lehtomäki (founders of Framgo, Kenneth on the right) pictured at their workspace in Otaniemi.    Tell us a little bit about Framgo. Framgo is a mobile health start-up company. In a nutshell, we want to give people the right tools for understanding and improving their health and wellbeing. We started in 2011 … Read more


Entrepreneur profile: Jens Beck from Nuotio Clothing

It’s once again that time of the week: Entrepreneur profiles! This week we have a firm from the other spectrum of goods & services, namely Nuotio Clothing. A startup firm producing ready-to-wear garments in southern Finland, Nuotio was founded by five young students, four of whom are Hanken students, and one who is studying to be a tailor. This tailor student, Jens Beck, is our entrepreneur profile for the week. The profile follows: Jens Beck, photographed in downtown Helsinki.   Tell us a bit about Nuotio Clothing. How did you guys start, and what is your aim? We all had long wanted to do something of our own, so one day we just decided to do something together. It felt quite natural, … Read more


Hankenes goes Stockholm Start-up day – we want YOU to join!

  HankenEs is arranging a trip to Stockholm Startup Day in April, and wants to invite entrepreneurs from Hanken to join!   Do you have your own company? Or maybe a great idea for a company? Or have you considered becoming an entrepreneur after being done with school? This is your chance to widen your perspective, and join the HankenEs team for a weekend in Stockholm. We are really looking forward to seeing what is in on the other side of the ocean, and network with entrepreneurs, financers, or simply interesting people at the biggest startup event of the Nordic countries. You will find the agenda here. Our mission is to aid to-be entrepreneurs from Hanken. Therefore, HankenEs will … Read more


Monthly newsletter: 04/2013

HES – Kick starting 2013!   Hey Friends! As from today, I will be your HES – eyes & ears, sending you a monthly newsletter on the latest updates from the HES – community. Upcoming events: We now have four upcoming events in April which you definitely should look into.   HES meet-up: Team-building and Speed-dating (11.4.) During the evening, Ola Sundell – Lean entrepreneur and Coach, will speak about team-building, and afterwards you have the possibility to network with other like-minded persons, accompanied with a glass of wine, during entrepreneurship speed-dating. The event is held @ Legenda 11th of April between 18:00 and 19:30.   Aaltoes & HES: Entrepreneurship Breakfast (17.4.)  Free-breakfast! During the breakfast, Simpli shares their story on how they conquered … Read more


Entrepreneur profile: Yakir Falik of Fajoya

It’s that time of the week again! This time, we have a very interesting serial entrepreneur, Yakir Falik of Fajoya, as our person under the spotlight. Fajoya is a new interesting smartphone app, which according to Falik ”lets you request receive and reward your friends for help”. He continues, that their vision is to unleash the goodwill concealed in people social networks. The team is a perfect example of how the internet facilitates potential cross-border ventures, as they have a Canadian, a Finn, and and Israeli person on board. The idea was co-founded by Falik in october 2012. Our sixth entrepreneur profile follow, Yakir Falik of Fajoya: Yakir couldn’t be photographed by the HankenEs team, as he is currently in Israel … Read more


Entrepreneur profile: Joel Roos of One Nordic

This week we have another interesting entrepreneur, who is determined to change the industry of furniture: Joel Roos of One Nordic Furniture Company. Their idea is simple: produce high quality, timeless and beautiful pieces of furniture that are very easy to put together, but arrive in small packages. This way, they can decrease their carbon footprint by being able to ship more products in a fixed space, but still are so easy to set up that your grandmother won’t have a problem. Also, they use several interesting new solutions and techniques to help the consumer, such as an augmented reality app, so one can easily check if the Hai chair, for example, fits in your living room. Joel Roos, of … Read more


Entrepreneur profile: Niko Karstikko of Sportsetter

This week we have an entrepreneur who decided to leave his corporate career in order to start something of his own: Niko Karstikko, the co-founder of Sportsetter. They where in the news last week, as they managed to secure a 400 000€ investment from an angel investor. Therefore, we feel the timing could not be better for a entrepreneur profile. I met with Niko last week at their office in Hernesaari, and what was planned to be a 30min discussion and photoshoot turned into a 2h discussion. His story is truly interesting, and he is a fantastic guy. His road to entrepreneurial endeavours are quite unique, as he has worked abroad in companies such as NetJets, Merrill Lynch, Metso, 3M, and Barclays Bank. … Read more


Entrepreneur profile: Anders Holm of ProTalk

It’s thursday again so you know what’s up. This week we have Anders Holm of ProTalk, which is a swedish language consultancy differentiating itself from the norms of the industry. I met with Anders for lunch, and i quickly understood why his business plan appeals busy businessmen/women in Finland; it is so much easier and natural to learn a foreign language in a natural situation, compared with the dull classroom setting. And Anders is natural at what he does, he is a great person with an extroverted personality, which surely pushes his clients to new levels when it comes to learning a language. A quick side-note: after this entrepreneur profile, we will only have two left so the board members of … Read more


Entrepreneur profile: Maaretta Tukiainen of Vojo

It’s that time of the week again! This time we have Maaretta Tukiainen of Vojo, who also had a very interesting talk at our Startup Sisters event. This will be our second to last profile this spring, but we will be back in the autumn with some new stuff. Maaretta Tukiainen: Maaretta couldn’t be pictured by the HankenEs team as she is currently in Amsterdam. Tell us a bit about yourself; how did you end up co-founding Vojo? I have a background in various media in content creation and development positions. I resigned form the position of Director of Programs at Sub, the commercial TV station in Dec 2010. Before resigning I had already founded a company of my own, … Read more


Last entrepreneur profile of this season: Joen Schauman of Schoffa

It’s thursday again so you know what’s up – it’s time for yet another entrepreneur profile. This profile marks the end of entrepreneur profiles for this spring. It’s been a truly fun run; in addition to meeting a great set of entrepreneurs, i believe it’s been beneficial to readers and ourselves to get a small glimpse into the lives and mindsets of entrepreneurs. We’ve had 10 great ones so far, ranging from established startups such as Kiosked, to smaller one-man consultancies as ProTalk. We’ll be further developing the concept for the autumn in order to offer even more valuable content. This time we have an established clothing company, Schoffa, founded by an ex-hanken student Joen Schauman. The endeavour began in … Read more


Monthly newsletter: 09/13

HES Welcomes Fall The summer is coming to its end. Some of you have enjoyed a relaxing summer while others have worked as hell. Though, one thing uniting us is that it’s time to get back into business!     Upcoming events We have some awesome stuff in store for you. Here is a quick pre-view on our upcoming events.   Hanken Network Day – Focus: Carrier and Entrepreneurship (19.9.) HES, together with Hanken School of Economics, aims to lower the gap between business students and the entrepreneurship community by organizing a Career and Entrepreneurship fair at the university.   HES Pitching Competition (October) HES annual pitching competition will be held in October. We are currently looking for competing startups, … Read more


Guest blogger : Kenneth Salonius

Kenneth Salonius, is now in San Francisco and will be guest blogging for us while there – so it will definitely be worth a read if you want to know what’s going on in the Startup mecca! Hello sunshine! After 20 hours on the go I just arrived in Silicon Valley with a group of 19 other Finnish entrepreneurs and students. Everyone is clearly tired from trip but the smiles are unmistakable – the excitement is intense. Over the next two weeks we will visit some of the most successful companies of today and catch up on the very latest in the startup scene. We will meet some very successful entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and most importantly, learn to Think Big. Think … Read more


Guest Blogger: Kenneth Salonius – Part 2

Clash of cultures: Dropbox vs. Foursquare Over the past few days we’ve started to get a feeling of Silicon Valley and the players here, but right from the start it was obvious that one could spend months just exploring and getting to know to the ecosystem of individuals, companies and investors. Two of the companies we’ve visited so far are Dropbox and Foursquare. As such, they don’t require any further introduction, but it was very interesting to see how the culture and work environment in each of them was very different. For myself the office of a stereotypical start-up company in the Valley is (or was, for the fact) a place where friends gather to have fun. The office is … Read more


Startup profile: Zervant / Mattias Hansson

It’s time for the first startup profile of the year, and we are very pleased to say that the entrepreneur in question is Mattias Hansson – the co-founder and CEO of Zervant. Zervant is “the easiest tool for single person companies to run their business and get rid of administrative paperwork”, and may therefore be a quite intriguing company for our readers. Mattias by the Vanity Wall… Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you end up becoming an entrepreneur? I don’t think I ever really planned to become a startup entrepreneur, but during the last 10 years I’ve realised that it fits my personality pretty well. I always had a passion to invent and improve stuff, and entrepreneurship is … Read more


HES + Hanken Network Day

HES Welcomes You to Hanken Network Day, September 19, 2013! Hanken Entrepreneuship Society has this year – for the first time – co-organized Hanken Network Day: Focus Career and Entrepreneurship. The one-day networking event (organized in Hanken’s main building at Arkadiankatu 22) is hosting 20 of  the most interesting companies for students and graduates – including  seven of  the most promising start-ups Finland has to offer at the moment. Here is a brief overview of the what, how and who of these strongly growing start-ups – DealDash, Dream Broker, Greenstep, Footbalance System, Grand Cru, Kiosked and SportSetter. DealDash DealDash is based in New York City, where it launched its own (and more fun) version of the traditional lowest bidding auction … Read more


Guest blogger: Kenneth Salonius – Part 3

High profile speakers & the latest in tech   Imagine 3 200 tech enthusiasts and 300 startup companies gather up over three days, throw in some high-profile speakers (say e.g. Mark Zuckerberg and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer) and top off with some cool product launches and demos. That is TechCrunch Distrupt, one of the most anticipated startup events in the world. The two first days focused mostly on apps and software, while the third day was reserved for some really cool hardware startups. On the top of my mind I have a company called Ossia Inc that has developed a small wireless charging solution they call Cota. This product, which they demoed on stage, allows wireless charging of e.g. a … Read more


Guest blogger: Kenneth Salonius – part 4

The positive circle of growth During the previous month I had the privilege to visit some of the most successful companies and the most exciting startups in the world. I got to meet with fellow entrepreneurs, investors and established companies, all which are part of a larger ecosystem in one of the best known entrepreneurship hubs in the world – Silicon Valley. Having followed the entrepreneurship scene in Finland for the past five years, it’s been very nice to see how running one’s own company has become a more popular career path. After merely a couple of days in Silicon Valley it was however clear, that we still have room to improve here in Finland. The ambition level I was met … Read more


Monthly Newsletter

HES spring is heating up! It’s time for the monthly newsletter with a review of the past events and a glance into the coming months. This month we have some interesting application periods starting up, so do not miss those!     Past Events    Freshmen admission (11.9) HES organized an “Angry Birds” – themed activity to welcome the new Freshmen´s of Hanken. The teams were asked to create “Angry bird” – inspired interactive levels and thereafter guided to slingshot a soft Angry Bird on their teammates. The better you hit, the more points you got! We are guaranteed that many of these youngsters are the Andersin´s and Harkimo´s of tomorrow.   Student union fair (17.9) HES participated in the … Read more


Startup profile: Petri Hollmén / Lyyti

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you end up becoming an entrepreneur? I’m an entrepreneur, MBA, founder and CEO of Lyyti Oy, father of three kids and in love with my wife and endurance sports. I used to work for 13 years in restaurant and tourism business. I started working there as 17 years old, even before I got in to the Turku School of Business. I did basically everything and started by washing dishes, waiting tables etc. During my studies I got interested about the possibilities that web and SaaS-based services could provide us. Then one evening I was working late as a marketing manager and sending out invitations to our customers. I was about to organize … Read more


Startup profile: Lainaaja / Tuomas Talola

    Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you end up becoming an entrepreneur? I’m a guy with technical background but more experience and skills in the business side. My latest degree is Master’s from Turku School of Economics. I have a family with my wife and adorable daughter. Leisure hobbies include reading and sports; currently I’m training for triathlon in 2014. I have been an entrepreneur for the past ten years. Started with small-time family business where I was involved in several different projects. This was mostly part-time and I didn’t really have big plans for my own startup until Lainaaja.   How did the decision to start Lainaaja arise? What void in the market are you … Read more


Speaker at Banking 2.0 : Casimir Ehrnrooth / Klarna

Casimir is one of the speakers at Banking 2.0 this year. He has a long history of entrepreneurship, and is now the county manager for Finland at Klarna. Hello Casimir and welcome to Banking 2.0 – the Future of Money. What are you going to talk about at the event? Thank you! I will talk about the latest trends in online payments and the mobile revolution. Could you please give us some background about yourself, who you are and what you have done before Klarna? I have an MBA from Hanken and have been working with a lot of different industries from being an entrepreneur, aviation, biotech and now Klarna. How was Klarna born, what is the history of the … Read more


Speaker at Banking 2.0: Pärtel Tomberg / isePankur

Hello Pärtel and welcome to Banking 2.0 Future of Money. What are you going to talk about at the event? I’m going to talk about crowdfunding or more precisely about peer-to-peer lending, its past, status quo and future. I will try to explain the fundemental efficiencies of peer-to-peer lending compared to more traditional forms of financial intermediation.   Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and what your background is? I’m the CEO and co-founder of isePankur, a crowdfunding platform with customers from every country in Europe. We are connecting creditworthy borrowers with investors through a simple, secure and fast online service that makes credit accessible again. My background is in conumer retail having … Read more


Speaker at Banking 2.0 : Mikko Teerenhovi / Holvi

  Hello Mikko and welcome to Banking 2.0 Future of Money. What are you going to talk about at the event? I am showing how anything is possible! We have built a banking service from scratch – a task many said to be impossible. We have very product oriented approach in Holvi so I am going to tell what the product is and how design affects all areas in a company. From customer support to user interfaces.   Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and what your background is? I am Holvi’s CXO which means I’m in charge of everything related to customer experience. This is a broad area consisting of adversing, messaging, … Read more


Apply for Hanken Entrepreneurship Society Board Member 2014

The year is at it’s end and HankenES needs a new board!  Are you entrepreneurially minded? Do you want to meet inspiring people, make an impact and join the mission of developing a true entrepreneurial community in Finland? If this sounds interesting to you, do not waste the opportunity to apply now to become a Hankenes Board Member 2014! Hanken Entrepreneurship Society is a student run community with the goal of making Hanken the most entrepreneurial university in Finland. We bring seasoned entrepreneurs to Hanken, organize trips abroad and create a community of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurially minded. Hankenes is the largest and most active organization at Hanken School of Economics. Hanken Entrepreneurship Society is now looking for driven, hard-working … Read more


Hankenes new president 2014: Rasmus Sinnemaa

Rasmus, tell us why you wanted to be the next Hankenes president? First of all, because I want to keep up the high quality work that Hankenes has done the previous years. I recognize that the presidency is a big step, but I really want to be able to give my input to the entrepreneurial scene. I jumped in head first into Hankenes this fall, and was immediately inspired by the opportunities Hankenes has to offer, but felt like there was infinitely more that could be achieved. Thus, I want to take a leading role and challenge myself as well as others to really lift Hankenes to a higher level than ever before. By doing this, I hope to further … Read more


Entrepreneur profile: Patrick Nurmio / Svecasa

It’s time for the first entrepreneurship profile of the year! Meet Patrick Nurmio, the current CEO for Svecasa Oy, a company owned by the Student Union of Hanken School of Economics. Svecasa offers guidance and assistance for Hanken applicants in preparation of the entrance exam. Register now at Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background? Currently I am a second year student with finance as principal subject. In my past I have worked with sales and customer service. In the future I’d like to work in dynamic business environments, where every day at work will be exciting. I want to see myself working for a company, if not an own venture some day, which provides … Read more


Introducing the new board: Peter Hänninen / Vice President

It’s time for you to get to know the board of 2014! First up is Peter Hänninen, this year’s vice president. Stay tuned for the rest of the members! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you apply for the Hankenes board? I’m constantly on the lookout for the possibility to work on projects where people join forces to tackle interesting and demanding challenges. In the meantime I enjoy having some fun as well. Making Hanken the most entrepreneurial school in Finland sounded like such a project and I know the people in HankenES mean that the ride is going to be fun. What is it that you bring to the Finnish entrepreneurship community and what are your … Read more


Introducing the new board – Pankaj Saharan / Organisation & Business Relations

This is Pankaj Saharan, another board member of this year up for introduction! Pankaj is responsible of organisation and business relations this year. Get to know him a little bit better! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you apply for the Hankenes board? I’m originally from India and have been living in Finland for over 7 years now. I’ve worked with big multinational companies as well as a couple of start-ups during my career. I’ve done my master’s degree in Mobile Computing from Aalto University and am now finishing up my second master’s degree in Business Informatics from Metropolia UAS. Entrepreneurship in general excites me very much. I’m currently a co-founder of an upcoming start-up myself. I’ve been an active participant of events organized across multiple entrepreneurship societies in Helsinki region for … Read more


Introducing the new board: Max Hasselblatt / Treasurer

Read what this year’s treasurer Max Hasselblatt has to say about himself and his role at HankenES. And hey, are you interested in becoming an active member? Max will tell you why you definitely should be.   Tell us a bit about yourself, why did you apply for the HankenES Board? Tjenare everybody! I have always been an entrepreneurially minded person who loves to create and found inspiring and new things. I attended one of HankenES events last fall and simply realized that I immediately wanted to get involved. I co-founded an event-organizing company in high-school and really believe in learning by doing. If you activate yourself in companies or societies like HankenES during your studies you will not only … Read more


Last year’s HES Pitching Competition winner: StartHQ

The winner of last year’s HankenES pitching competition was StartHQ, a web app directory and browser home-page replacement that will help you to find the perfect app for your activity. Gabriel Herrera, (to the left) will update us on what happened after their victory. Read more about StartHq on their webpage! You always hear people talk about traction and whether or not a startup is building it. What this means is usually external things like getting and retaining users, customers or some other quantifiable metric. Of equal importance, but much less mentioned, is the internal traction a startup has – the motivation and activity level of the people in the startup and their speed of development. When you have good internal … Read more


HankenES brings Tech Start Lab (Startup Accelerator) to Hanken!

  1.       Session I – Introduction (1 hour) a.      45 minute presentation on an introduction to who we are b.      15 minute Q&A 2.       Session II – Case Study (2-3 hours) a.      30-40 minute presentation on the plan for one of our products that we have successfully taken to market b.      10 minute prompt and breakup students into 3-4 groups c.       45 minute breakout session where they create a plan of how to take a realistic product to market within a 30-day period d.      10 minutes to pitch each idea to us   Register here!


Introducing the new board: Pia-Maria Nickström / Social Media Contact

Next up for introduction, Pia-Maria Nickström, our social media contact. Read about how she got involved with HankenES! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you apply for the Hankenes board? As a first year student at Hanken I didn’t really know left from right when I began my studies this fall. One thing I did know for sure was: my god I’m going to hang myself if I have to sit in this library day in and day out gathering dust behind piles of books. I desperately needed a place where I could put theory into practice, and HankenES seemed like the perfect way to do it. What is it that you bring to the Finnish entrepreneurship … Read more


Introducing the new board: Juho Oranen / Marketing Strategy

Juho Oranen stands for marketing strategy on the board of 2014. Read about his thoughts on entrepreneurship! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you apply for the Hankenes board? I’m a Hanken graduate, a few years back, and entrepreneur involved in a few different companies. Being a former Hanken student I wanted to join the society to bring in my experiences as an entrepreneur, meet like-minded people and possibly see the start of new interesting projects. What is it that you bring to the Finnish entrepreneurship community and what are your thoughts on entrepreneurship in general? I’ve pretty much always wanted to do something of my own and I’m very entrepreneurially minded, I lift my hat to … Read more


StartUp Sisters

An afternoon all about female entrepreneurship. Come listen to our inspiring speakers, take part in the discussion and meet new people! Looking for motivation? In need of a refreshment? Regardless of your gender, you’re most welcome to join! We’re proud to present our speakers: Jenny Wolfram / CEO & Founder of FaceForce Sanna Wester / CEO & Founder of Markkinointitoimisto Viestar See you at the event! / HES-girls


Thank you!

Our event StartUp Sisters was held last week, and what a great night it was! One last thank you for everybody who participated. It was a full house and we had so much fun! Here is a little throwback for you. Jenny Wolfram, founder of Faceforce Sanna Wester, founder of Markkinointitoimisto Viestar   And for the ones who couldn’t make it – don’t worry, you will hear from us again!   Cheers, HES-girls Alexandra Järnefelt, Pia-Maria Nickström & Fredrika Gyllang All photos taken by Ronja Sallinen


HES Pitch Fest – Register here!

Hey everybody! Check out our next upcoming event – HES Pitch Fest! Register as a pitcher HERE What’s up? The capital region’s greatest pitching on Wednesday May 7th. Join as a pitcher/team or come enjoy the show in the crowd for inspiration! The 1st prize-winner will get to pitch at the popular Arctic15 Startup conference! Other top prizes will also be given, so don’t fear to apply for the pitching. Do you have a great business idea that you have been developing? Have you just started your own business or are you already established but looking for that little extra something? If none of the above describes you, you must at least be hungry or thirsty! The ones enjoying the show will also … Read more